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Strand 3 – Plant Phenotyping Industry

The PhenomUK Directory provides an open platform for plant phenotyping related companies in Europe.

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Avignon, France

Hiphen’s mission is to bring image analysis tools to the agricultural research community working to solve the challenges of 21st century agriculture. We have served the crop breeding and research communities around the globe since 2014 delivering software and infrastructure tools. We’ve built a platform that helps organizations: Effectively acquire research grade images, Innovatively analyze those images, Efficiently incorporate the images and data into product/research development pipelines. We can help you achieve your phenotyping ambitions.


Israel , Yavne (city)

Save time and effort with PlantArray’s automatic phenotyping system. Our system allows you to measure the dynamic physiological activity of a wide variety of plants while controlling personalized soil and water conditions. Achieve fast and accurate plant phenotyping screening, even under stressful and extreme climatic conditions. Plant-DiTech enhances the capabilities of scientists, breeders, and agro-researchers by providing a comprehensive plant phenotyping system and accompanying software. This enables quick and automatic processing and analysis of vast amounts of phenotypic data, providing deep insights into plant-environment interactions. Ultimately, it shortens research and development time and speeds up time to market, ensuring agricultural growth.


UK, Cambridge

Since 2003, Analytik has been a trusted supplier of cutting-edge scientific instrumentation to leading organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Specialists in providing and supporting pioneering technology, we provide a range of digital plant phenotyping, seed testing, and lab, field and airborne/drone-based hyperspectral imaging solutions, for advanced agricultural and crop research.

WPS Worldwide Phenomics Services

The Netherlands, De Lier

“WPS is a leading system integrator in the realm of Plant Research, dedicated to enabling “Handsfree Plant Research.” We offer advanced automation technologies tailored for controlled environments, encompassing digital phenotyping and automated plant handling. Our approach is data-driven, employing automated phenotyping systems to enhance research by collecting consistent, non-destructive data throughout a plant’s lifecycle. This drives efficiency and minimizes variability, ensuring precise, reliable insights. Scalability is a key focus, with high-throughput systems capable of handling large plant populations. Moreover, WPS’s automated solutions eliminate bias and subjectivity, bolstering data accuracy. WPS caters to plant breeders, scientists, crop protection product developers, and bio stimulants product developers, offering tailored solutions for “Handsfree Plant Research.