Strand 3 – Custom Phenotyping Pilot
Supporting and extending the UK phenomics community

Strand 3 – Call for applications – Custom Equipment for Plant Phenotyping Research CALL NOW CLOSED

Do you have a plant phenotyping problem? Would custom phenotyping equipment help your research?

Across the UK, several institutions have invested in workshops and MakerSpaces to design, build and test custom phenotyping equipment. As part of the Plant and Crop Phenotyping Research Infrastructure Scoping Project, PhenomUK is launching a pilot scheme to assess methods for collaborating with these facilities. This pilot will give you access to these spaces, their equipment and the expert staff who run them. We will also produce a directory of MakerSpaces and skillsets and identify future needs in this area.
You may have an idea of what you would like to build already, or a phenotyping problem that you don’t yet know how to solve. Successful applicants will be paired with a partner MakerSpace, taken through a co-design process and by the end of the project, have a functional piece of phenotyping equipment. PhenomUK will fully fund the selected projects for academic applicants.
To apply, please fill in the expression of interest form here.