PhenomUK Research Infrastructure
Integrating state-of-the-art national facilities in plant and crop phenotyping and connecting the UK phenomics community

Designing a Nationwide Phenotyping Infrastructure

PhenomUK Research Infrastructure is a £2.4M Scoping Activity supported by the UKRI Infrastructure Fund. Launched in February 2023, this two-year project aims to define and pilot a nationwide distributed research infrastructure, with regional sites, which will enable new ways of working and a cultural shift in the UK’s approach to plant phenomics.

PhenomUK will transition from a Technology Touching Life network into a national research infrastructure, taking on the work of the previously termed “UKPCPI” Infrastructure scoping activity to ensure continuity in community identity. The PhenomUK Research Infrastructure will bring together and enhance the UK’s powerful but dispersed resources. This initiative mirrors and is closely related to international activities. Specifically, it seeks to produce a UK node of EMPHASIS, an EU ESFRI project aiming to create a pan-European plant and crop phenotyping infrastructure.

The Delivery Team

Prof Tony Pridmore
Ms Claire Hayes
Project Manager
Prof Stephen Rolfe
Strand 1: Access to Facilities
Prof Tracy Lawson
Strand 1: Access to Facilities
Dr Valerio Giuffrida
Strand 2: Digital Infrastructure
Prof Sotirios Tsaftaris
Strand 2: Digital Infrastructure
Prof Bruce Grieve
Strand 3: Networking and Engagement
Dr Darren Wells
Strand 3: Networking and Engagement
Prof Malcolm Hawkesford
Chair, Project Advisory Board

Participating Institutions