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Plant disease phenomics

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The Wolfson Centre for Disease Phenomics. 

A state-of-the-art facility for plant disease phenomics.

Phenomic platforms:

  • PSI Trackscan Multispectral imager
  • PSI Trackscan PAM Chlorophyll fluorescence imager
  • Desktop versions for protocol development
What We Do

Our focus is on plant responses to disease.

The facility has high-throughput chlorophyll fluorescence (PAM) and multispectral imaging systems to image plant-pathogen interactions. Both are housed in controlled environments, providing precise control over irradiance, temperature and humidity. The facility can handle GM plants and pathogens (and controlled diseases).

  • Combinations of immune priming agents protect plants against disease.
  • Synthetic microbial communities to protect hydroponic crops
  • Epigenetic modification and crop protection

Prof Stephen Rolfe
School of Biosciences

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