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Multi-scale (lab and field) plant & crop phenotyping with specialisms in root phenotyping and computer vision

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State of the art plant phenomics facilities at the cellular, whole plant and field scale, combined with cutting edge image analysis.

  • The Hounsfield Facility: X-ray CT, Laser Ablation Tomography (LAT) & multispectral canopy phenotyping
  • IR, RGB, thermal, hyperspectral imaging robotic platforms
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging in field, or under controlled gas/temperature conditions
  • 1100-acre research farm, controlled environment (CE) spaces and research glasshouses
  • Phenomics MakerSpace
  • Computer Vision Laboratory
What We Do

Our research covers aspects of plant science and phenomics at the molecular to whole field scale. This, combined with state-of-the-art image analysis and AI research in the Computer Vision Lab, is delivered using numerous high-throughput phenomics platforms across multiple scales of plant biology. 

The Hounsfield Facility studies root-soil interactions using µCT, root anatomy via LAT, and canopy traits by automated multispectral 3D scanning. Seedling root system architecture is phenotyped in CE rooms & mature plants via glasshouse based rhizotrons & the Hounsfield Facility. 


Phenomics contact:
Dr. Darren Wells
Computer vision contact:
Prof Tony Pridmore

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