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e-Agri sensors engineering

Electronic systems & materials engineering for agri-sensing

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Electronic Systems & Materials Engineering for Agri-Sensing

Electronic Systems & Materials Engineering for Agri-Sensing

Electronics and mechanical semi-tech design and manufacture to small production scale

14 cubicle, controlled-environment research glasshouse (6 GM compatible) & Growth Chambers

Large scale Makerspace & National Materials Centre

What We Do

Engineering of on-line and handheld sensor systems for non-invasive detection of plant phenotypes.

Specialise in low-cost, low-power, networked electronics systems, edge-computing machine learning.

Technology based group partnering with Plant Science community to deliver tools and technologies for the sector.

  • Active multispectral crop canopy sensors (abiotic / biotic stresses / input & output traits)
  • Below soil / growth media elec. impedance imaging
  • Periodically modulated fluorescence sensing
  • Sentinel crop pathogenic spore detection
  • Molecularly Imprinted Polymer nutrient sensing
  • Distributed fibre optic chemical sensing

Prof Bruce Grieve
Group Lead

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