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Plant and crop robotic phenotyping platform

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Plant and Crop Robotic Phenotyping Platform –

A semi-automated field-based robotic phenotyping platform.

  • Multispectral 3D laser scanners (Phenospex)
  • Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
  • RGB and thermal camera
  • In-situ root imager (CI-600)
  • Field and glasshouse facilities
  • Phenomics MakerSpace
What We Do

Our focus is to develop and deploy phenotyping robotics to support plant phenotyping at a hitherto unachieved scale to drive plant breeding activities. Our facility combines several spectral biology sensors (multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal cameras) and 3D laser scanners and further develops AI-powered data analytical tools for the identification and phenotypic characterisation of complex traits in food and forage crops.

  • Selective Harvesting – High speed picking, soft fruit robots
  • Crop Care – deployment of novel sensing systems, data collection, and real time data analysis to help understand the micro-environment of individual plants within a crop.

Dr Ravi Valluru, Senior Lecturer

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