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Glasgow Stomatal Physiology and Photosynthesis (GasPP) Facility.

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Glasgow Stomatal Physiology and Photosynthesis (GasPP) Facility.

Available platforms/equipment:

  • LICOR 6800 (x10)
  • Controlled growth chambers
  • Integrated control and analysis software (IRGA Live Clamp)
What We Do

We investigate how genotype and environment affect stomata and photosynthesis. We apply IRGA to measure gas exchange across plant leaves. A suite of 10 x LICOR 6800 photosynthesis systems, purchased with funding from BBSRC (ALERT) and UofG, can be used alone or in conjunction. The Facility is open to external users for projects of their interest. We have extensive expertise and offer help with experimental design and data analysis.


-Stress priming photosynthesis in soybean

-Photosynthetic performance of light and temperature signalling mutants in Arabidopsis

-Genetics of stomatal kinetics


Prof. Anna Amtmann, Plant Science Group
Professor for Molecular Plant Physiology

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