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Global Meteorological Simulator – multi-chamber controlled environments

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Global Meteorological Simulator – multi-chamber controlled environments

  • Four walk-in Category 2 environmental simulator rooms
  • Independently control light, humidity, temperature, wind, rainfall, misting.
  • Argus controls enables simulation of real-time, real-world meteorological conditions.
What We Do

Conduct experiments that bridge the gap between laboratory and field studies underpast, current and predicted future weather scenarios modelled on real-world meteorological data.

  • The effect of weather and climate on crop disease epidemiology, transmission, virulence and antimicrobial resistance
  • The role of multiple environmental factors on plant growth and development.
  • The effect of weather on plant-pest interactions
  • The effect of climate change on plant-pollinator interactions

Ivana Gudelj,
Professor of Evolutionary Systems Biology and Academic Lead for Dynamic cellular systems and applied technologies research

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