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Photosynthesis, stress responses, and plant-environment interactions

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Plant Productivity Group
Including a plant phenotyping platform that houses a novel dynamic lighting system, combined thermal and chlorophyll fluorescence as well as whole plant gas exchange chambers.

  • High/low res chlorophyll fluorescence whole plant imaging
  • Thermal imaging of stomatal conductance
  • Imaging plant Water Use Efficiency
  • Infra-red gas exchange analysis – inc whole plant chambers
  • Dynamic lighting platforms
  • Spectral reflectance
What We Do

We focus on understanding and improving plants processes that determine plant productivity and plant responses to changing environmental conditions. We have considerable expertise in the investigation of the growth and physiology of plants under both benign and stressful conditions in the laboratory and the field. We have state-of-the art equipment for our research, including bespoke instrumentation and software designed and built in-house.

  • Developing hydroponic systems for vegetables sown at high density
  • Making the RuBP cycle more resilient and improving efficiency of the sugar production process

Prof Tracy Lawson
School of Life Sciences

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