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Leaf level plant physiology

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We use a variety of phenotyping methods to characterise plant traits in lab or controlled environments, as well as ‘in situ’ in field environments.

We use a suite of handheld devices, such as IRGAs, fluorometers, multispeQTM, spectrometers, as well as benchtop equipment such as plate readers and fluorescence imagers to phenotype leaf-traits across large collections of field- greenhouse or growth-chamber grown plants, often using custom protocols dedicated to the specific research question at hand. 

What We Do
  • Benchtop fluorescence imagers to probe photosynthetic light reactions
  • MultispeQ handheld device for in situ determination of photosynthetic parameters.
  • Infra-red gas analysis for estimation of biochemical and diffusive limitations to photosynthetic gas exchange.
  • Fieldspec 4 used for measurement of hyperspectral reflectance


Dr Johannes Kromdijk
Dep. of Plant Sciences

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