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Advanced Plant Growth Centre

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The Advanced Plant Growth Centre

A fully automated, controlled environment high throughput crop phenotyping centre

  • 12 controlled environment rooms (10 m2) providing temperature, humidity and CO2 control with high light (1500 mmol m-2 s-1) and spectral control (UVA – FR) configurations
  • Connected automated imaging platforms comprising RGB, dynamic chlorophyll fluorescence, hyperspectral and 3D laser scanning.
  • Photon Systems Instruments semi-automated PlantScreen phenotyping cabinet
What We Do

The APGC uses controlled environment and phenotyping technologies combined with genetics and genomics expertise to accelerate the development of new crop varieties. We aim to understand the fundamental processes and genetic circuits underlying abiotic stress resilience. We work with industry to deliver the underpinning science to translate to crop improvement.

  • ADAPT – Accelerated development of multiple stress tolerant potatoes
  • Molecular markers for the development of chemically defined medicinal cannabis cultivars
  • Genetics of light use efficiency in leafy salads for indoor agriculture

Dr Robert Hancock
Deputy Director, APGC

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