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Multi-scale field plant & crop phenotyping

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Multi-scale field phenotyping

Field phenomics, measuring traits in situ in multi-plot field experiments either by drones or Field Scanalyzer.

On-site platforms:

  • Drones
  • Field Scanalyzer
  • Handheld 3D scanners
What We Do

Traits measured by drone – canopy height, cover and temperature, spectral reflectance. From the reflectance many published indices can be calculated.

Traits measured by the Field Scanalyzer –  canopy height and architecture, canopy cover, ears/image, canopy temperature, spectral reflectance, active canopy fluorescence

Traits measured by handheld 3D scanner – length, volume, and basal, central and apical part of the wheat spike, and canopy architecture

  • Developing algorithms for any trait of interest
  • Deciphering yield components through wheat life cycle for quantitative genetics

Malcolm Hawkesford
Head of Team

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