National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB)

Multi-scale (lab and field) plant & crop phenotyping, incorporating AI trait analysis

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National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) Open


NIAB Data Sciences for Multi-scale Plant & Crop Phenotyping Phenotyping and AI trait analysis The facility for cost-effective and scalable phenotyping from lab to the field

Lab- and field-based phenomics platforms

  • Cellular – Opera, time-series based microscope
  • Tissue & organ – YieldQuant-Mobile, SeedGerm & Videometer (multispectral)
  • Plant, plot & field – CropQuant-3D, AirMeasurer (RGB & multispectral), CropQuant-Air
What We Do

Our focus is to develop cost-effective and scalable plant phenotyping and AI-powered trait analysis to assess yield performance, genetic gain, trait stability, and their related phenotypic variation leading to reliable molecular markers. The facility ranges from lab-based high-throughput cellular phenotyping and multispectral imaging systems, to field-based drone-, smartphone- and LiDAR-based devices, providing multi-scale phenotyping datasets to facilitate AI-powered trait analysis for agricultural and horticultural crops key to the UK. 

  • Multi-spectral seed imaging to identify seed quality
  • Seed germination to enable vigour assessment 
  • AI-powered analysis to quantify key yield components 
  • Wheat performance genetic mapping using MAGIC

Prof Ji Zhou
Data Sciences, NIAB

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