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Durham University – Molecular Plant Sciences


  • Controlled environment plant growth facility
  • Automated Petri plate imaging robotic platform
What We Do

Our research covers various aspects of plant science, from cellular to the whole organism level. We use a brand-new controlled environment system and root phenotyping technologies to study root system architecture. Using molecular genetics, physiology, and phenotyping approaches, we aim to understand the molecular underpinning of plant stress resilience and translate it into agronomic benefits. Our automated petri plate imaging robotic platform can scan 30 petri plates (12 x 12 cm) at a time over a period, and it can be customized further for different sizes of plates.


Unravelling the molecular underpinning of root growth and developmental responses to various biotic and abiotic stresses.


Professor Ari Sadanandom
Director of the Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology

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