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Plant growth and phenotyping facility including phenotyping greenhouse

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Plant growth and phenotyping facility

Incorporating a multi-sensor system the facility is designed to conduct in-depth research into plant phenotyping, crop and soil properties and management.

The phenotyping imaging, sensor and analysing equipment includes:

  • Visible RGB Camera
  • Laser Scanner
  • Hyperspectral VNIR sensor
  • Hyperspectral SWIR sensor
  • PSII Fluorescence Camera
  • FLIR Thermal Camera
What We Do

Cranfield is home to a range of plant growth facilities for experimental work involving plant physiology, plant phenotyping, plant-microbe interactions, and plant-soil interactions. The facilities include a unique platform for assessing pilot scale crop-soil systems and sensor development, and they integrate with our Soil Management Facility, Postharvest facilities and with the CHAP and Agri-EPI Agri-Tech Centres for Agricultural Innovation.

The core phenotyping platform is the CHAP owned 9m high, 300 m2 Venlo glasshouse housing an Agri-EPI owned overhead LemnaTec sensor gantry; this provides a unique facility for assessing crop-soil systems in 1 m3 soil lysimeters, scannable with multiple state-of-the-art sensors, alongside a suite of UAV based phenotyping sensors replicating glasshouse activities in field scenarios.

  • Using roots to bio-engineer soil
  • Early onset disease detection in lettuce and salad onions
  • Soil Profile Trials to Support Calcareous Grassland

Professor Andrew Thompson, Head of Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute

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