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National Plant Phenomics Centre

“Seed to seed” longitudinal phenotyping, P=D{GxE}

Mechanised platforms:

  • Large Plant Platform (>800 units to 2m)
  • Small Plant Platform (2000 units to 40 cm)
  • X-ray CT scanner (batches of items, 10cm)
  • Various sensor to plant including photophysiology and drone based sensors
What We Do

We explore phenotypic variation in relation to genetic variation and environmental variations, across the entire life cycle and, for crops, across generations. New tools and methods are essential in order to scale data acquisition and novel computational approaches are required to extract knowledge from complex datasets

  • Effect of variable winters on UK brassica crops (with JIC & Rres)
  • Understanding lodging in cereals using X-ray CT scanning & AI (HZAU, China)
  • Genetic determinants of cereal emergence (NAIB and USDA)
  • Miscanthus_AI for Net Zero (Lincoln and Southampton)

Prof John Doonan
Director of the National Plant Phenomics Centre

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