DataCAMPP: Data Capture in the Field Workshop, Lincoln University, May May 25th · 11am – May 26th · 3pm
The workshop is aimed at people with a background and/or interests in biology and plant science, at various career stages, and is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences in automated data collection and analysis.

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The organisers do not expect the attendees to have any programming background, although some experience with basic coding or scripting may be beneficial. The attendees will receive training on how to capture data in the field and use the Python programming language to process and analyse the collected data. This is a great learning opportunity to develop multidisciplinary skills in a real-world setting.
The Data CAMPP Data Capture in the Field Workshop is a two-day event, which will be held in two sessions, with an optional session introducing Python to people who have zero coding experience:
• Outdoors session: Data capture in the field;
• Indoors session: Coding for data analysis;
• Optional pre-session: Zero to Python in 90 minutes.
The outdoors part of the workshop will be focused on data collection involving various crops at Riseholme campus and will include using multispectral cameras, robot kits and various handheld devices such as SPAD chlorophyll meters for data capture and trait measurements.
In the indoors part of the workshop, the attendees will be invited to learn how to use Python for data processing and analysis. Training will be provided on how to use Python’s libraries for numerical analysis and image processing, as well as more specialised MicaSense tools to process the captured multispectral images.
Upon the workshop’s completion, the participants will have practical knowledge of the methods and techniques for collecting data in the field, supplemented by technical skills required for automated analysis of the collected data.

Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Accommodation in Lincoln to be booked by the attendees.